ABB DataManager Pro

ABB DataManager Pro RDM500 – Data Review Software for ABB ScreenMasters

ABB DataManager Pro is an advanced process data management and analysis application used to store and review data archived by ScreenMaster videographic recorders. Stored data can be displayed in both tabular and graphical format and analyzed using the extensive array of tools provided.

A ScreenMaster’s archived data can be transferred to DataManager Pro either manually, via the ScreenMaster’s memory card, or automatically, via Ethernet communications. DataManager Pro provides automatic, secure, long-term process data storage and enables data to be retrieved quickly when required.

  • Guaranteed data security – Automatic validation of data files
  • Long term data management – Database storage and management of process data
  • Information at your fingertips – Automatic data collection direct from multiple recorders via Ethernet
  • Secure data distribution – Create packages of specific process data

ABB DataManager Pro PDF Downloads

Download DataManager Datasheet PDF

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