Storm Water Control SystemsValue: £22k

  • SCADA and HMIs modified
  • Electrical installation
  • On-site commissioning

To carry out the modification and installation of Storm Water Controls, catering for the removal of existing storm screens and replacing with brushed escalator screens.

We completed the electrical design and manufacture of replacement compartment back plates and doors, including on-site installation.

We also produced schematic diagrams for the starter compartments, modifications to the MCC layout diagrams and to the existing PLC wiring diagrams, all of which were incorporated into the existing D Switch-Room MCC drawing folder on-site.

The existing site control PLC was modified to provide control and status indication of the new storm screens and screens handling equipment.

The existing SCADA and local HMIs were modified to include displays for the new storm screens and screens handling equipment with all alarms being logged at SCADA.