Intelligent MCCs based on DeviceNetValue: £170k over a 6 month period

  • Design & manufacture of several Intelligent MCCs based on DeviceNet
  • Powerflex drives & EP3 Plus DOL starters
  • Commissioning

New Manchester Agecroft factory for the manufacture of beauty health care products. Design, manufacture and commissioning of a number of Intelligent MCCs based on DeviceNet. Located in the tank farm, boiler house, process and production areas.

Siemens S7 Conversion for Tablet Coating MachinesClient: Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Value: £25k

  • PLC software design
  • Provision of Software Design Specification
  • Commissioning

Supply of PLC software and configure HMI for Accelacota machines. The software was developed for the Siemens S7 PLC.

The PLC program was developed in accordance with a FDS and included control of the machine in the following modes: Coating, Sugar Coating & Wash.

Control Panels & IMCCs for Chemical PlantClient: Leading Chemical Organisation
Value: £600k

  • Rockwell Plant PAx Process Automation System
  • PLC
  • HMI

Design and manufacture of several control panels and Intelligent MCCs for a new UK chemical plant.

Foam Manufacturing Plant Control System UpgradesClient: Global Foam Manufacturer
Value: £550k

  • Rockwell Control Logix
  • RS View
  • PLC/HMI Software design
  • Commissioning

Foam manufacturing plant control system upgrades and improvements. All PLC/HMI software design to include control panels and commissioning.

AMP5 Framework Contract for UUValue: £220k

  • Manufacture, testing and installation of local area telemetry control panels
  • Dynamic Logic, Siemens Micro box and ET200S PLCs
  • Kontron Equipment with CPCI panel interfaces
  • Conlog and Siemens PCBox ET200 remote I/O

We currently have an AMP5 Framework contract for United Utilities for Local Area Telemetry for the manufacture and Installation of CPCI control panels to replace a number of old SES Telemetry Systems as part of the work scheduled by UU Telemetry Dept.

UK Paint PlantClient: Paint Production Organisation
Value: £300k

  • Control Panel/MCC design and manufacture
  • GE Fanuc PLC
  • Supply of FDS

Design and manufacture of control panels and MCC for a new UK Paint Plant.

New UK Development Test RigClient: National Nuclear Organisation
Value: £100k

  • Control system design and manufacture
  • Siemens PLC and HMI
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

New UK Development Test Rig

Wonderware SCADA UpgradeClient: Major Engineering Organisation
Value: £90k

Existing UK water energy plant. Wonderware SCADA upgrades including integration for a new anaerobic digester. This was a software modification to a major Rockwell control system project we designed and manufactured in 2000.

Cadbury Distribution Control SystemsValue: £180k

  • PLC/HMI software design
  • Control panels design and build
  • Rockwell ControlLogix with Ethernet based Flex I/O
  • Commissioning

Granulated sugar bulk storage and distribution control systems for new factory.

Storm Water Control SystemsValue: £22k

  • SCADA and HMIs modified
  • Electrical installation
  • On-site commissioning

To carry out the modification and installation of Storm Water Controls, catering for the removal of existing storm screens and replacing with brushed escalator screens.

We completed the electrical design and manufacture of replacement compartment back plates and doors, including on-site installation.

We also produced schematic diagrams for the starter compartments, modifications to the MCC layout diagrams and to the existing PLC wiring diagrams, all of which were incorporated into the existing D Switch-Room MCC drawing folder on-site.

The existing site control PLC was modified to provide control and status indication of the new storm screens and screens handling equipment.

The existing SCADA and local HMIs were modified to include displays for the new storm screens and screens handling equipment with all alarms being logged at SCADA.