AMP5 Framework Contract for UUValue: £220k

  • Manufacture, testing and installation of local area telemetry control panels
  • Dynamic Logic, Siemens Micro box and ET200S PLCs
  • Kontron Equipment with CPCI panel interfaces
  • Conlog and Siemens PCBox ET200 remote I/O

We currently have an AMP5 Framework contract for United Utilities for Local Area Telemetry for the manufacture and Installation of CPCI control panels to replace a number of old SES Telemetry Systems as part of the work scheduled by UU Telemetry Dept.

Storm Water Control SystemsValue: £22k

  • SCADA and HMIs modified
  • Electrical installation
  • On-site commissioning

To carry out the modification and installation of Storm Water Controls, catering for the removal of existing storm screens and replacing with brushed escalator screens.

We completed the electrical design and manufacture of replacement compartment back plates and doors, including on-site installation.

We also produced schematic diagrams for the starter compartments, modifications to the MCC layout diagrams and to the existing PLC wiring diagrams, all of which were incorporated into the existing D Switch-Room MCC drawing folder on-site.

The existing site control PLC was modified to provide control and status indication of the new storm screens and screens handling equipment.

The existing SCADA and local HMIs were modified to include displays for the new storm screens and screens handling equipment with all alarms being logged at SCADA.

Pumping Station PLC UpgradeValue: £80k

The Pumping Station PLC upgrade comprised of replacing the existing Texas Instruments PLC and remote I/O with a Siemens S7 system.

During the upgrade all 5 existing I/O racks were replaced by S7-300 remote I/O racks on a profibus network communicating to an S7-400 PLC.

The existing raingauge PLC was replaced by a further S7-300 remote I/O rack on the profibus network, which removed the current requirement of the SCADA PC to be running for the real-time level control based on current rainfall to operate.

Upgrade of Siemens S5 to S7-400 PLCsValue: Ongoing

  • S5 to S7-400 PLCs
  • Siemens WinCC SCADA
  • ICA modifications
  • Installation of SCADA PCs

Upgrade of 4 off S5 PLCs to S7-400 PLCs at WwTW. The Inlet Works PLC, SBCs PLC and Donkins Blowers PLCs were replaced. New OP270 local operator interfaces were installed, and the PLCs were incorporated onto the site H1 network.

Replacement of WwTW AFE SCADA with Siemens WinCC SCADAs. A total of 5 SCADA PCs were installed, 2 on-site and 3 at Blackpool and Fleetwood outstations, all able to communicate over a WAN via ISDN telephone lines to the on and off site PLCs.

We have carried out ICA modifications on various sites, including Bury, Kendal, Ellesmere Port, Bickerstaff and Worsley to in incorporate additional PLC signals and data for integration into the real-time data gathering system.