We believe in actively supporting and participating in the local community, in as many varied means as possible. Over many years we have formed links with a wide range of organisations that provide the community with services including, specialist learning capabilities, sports activities and entertainment amongst others.

We actively recruit, train and work with enterprises to provide positive input into the local economy, and are proud of the high regard the business is held in within the area. The following is a selection of the foundations we are proud to be involved with:

The Legacy Rainbow HouseThe Legacy Rainbow House

Based in Eccleston, the charity specialises in providing services for children with neurological problems and conditions. The approach is based on an holistic approach to rehabilitation known as Conductive Education which aims to teach children life enhancing techniques, through education, recreation and sports, so that they can live more independent lives within the community.

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Connexions manages the work experience requirements for Years 10 & 11 school students. W H Good have supported the service for a number of years, giving young people the opportunity to gain first hand experience of working life, and the particular type of vocation they are aiming for.

Wilpshire Wanderers & QEGS BlackburnWilpshire Wanderers FC & QEGS Sports Teams

W H Good have supported these sporting organisations for several years, sponsoring playing kits, tournaments, indoor practice facilities, nationwide tours and fundraising activities.

Visit the site here:
Visit the site here: